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Our mission at Red Mountain Medical is to be the preferred vendor for orthopedic surgical solutions across the southeast.

When Red Mountain Medical was formed in 2009, we had one goal in mind: to be the preferred vendor for orthopedic surgical solutions. In the years since, the only thing that has changed about that vision is the breadth, both in product offering and geographic area. We now service physicians and facilities across the southeast with products ranging from orthopedic reconstruction to extremities to orthobiologics. 

The products that we carry have been carefully chosen to best suit the needs of our physicians and their patients. The manufacturers that we represent have proven themselves through both extensive research & development and years of success in the field. These companies provide not only implants and tools on the cutting edge of innovation, but they also support these offerings with a variety of supplements such as mobile training centers and industry-leading preoperative surgical planning software.

It takes more than great products to serve our customers; luckily we also have a world-class team. Our sales representatives specialize in ensuring the best outcomes for physicians and their patients through a number of activities. These range from providing continuing education for surgeons and staff to being present on the day of surgery to provide technical support. This pursuit of excellence in surgical service, coupled with support from our office staff and corporate partners, ensures success for our company as well as for those whom we serve.

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